Team Esface RAISE Event    Team Esface

On March 29th and 30th, on the San Francisco Peninsula, The NBA combine came to the masses. In a two day event hosted by Team Esface, Revolution Athletic Performance and Sports Health Science provided their health screening, athletic performance testing and parent education seminar to over 300 Team Esface players and parents. Team Esface, a basketball development academy based in Palo Alto Ca., used the event to kick off their 2014 AAU basketball season.

 Esface’s management’s goal was to differentiate themselves from other groups by providing their team members with education, health screenings and basketball specific athletic testing all aimed at enhancing the Team Esface experience and strengthening their players` respective basketball development.

The inaugural event featured Revolution `s Athletic & Injury Sport Evaluation (RAISE) which provides shoulder, knee, ankle, and core screening. The event is powered by BAM the industry`s leader in athletic testing and based in Seattle, WA. Founded and directed by Brett Brungardt, one of America`s premiere strength coaches with thirty years of experience training world class athletes, BAM`s  testing protocols are sports specific and timed using Fusion Sport timing systems. The two day event was broken down into two hour segments, where Esface team members ranging in ages from eight to eighteen, were taken through their RAISE evaluation. During each session, 30-50 boys and girls, divided evenly into four groups were guided through their eight station testing. The first half of  RAISE was comprised of Revolution`s health screenings where on ten to fifteen minute cycles the young ball players were rotated through each station.

 At the completion of the screenings, the four groups reconvened where Revolution coaches took them through a sequence of dynamic warm up movements to prepare them for their BAM athletic testing.

 In their same four groups, the players once again rotated through four stations. With Fusion Sport lights flashing and the Esface Coaches/DJs pumping the atmosphere with vibrant background music, kids experienced the very same basketball testing that BAM provides for all of their NBA combines.

While the Esface players went through their RAISE testing, their parents were able to observe from their “parent seating section”. During the first hour of each session, parents were taken to a separate meeting room where they were provided an educational seminar.

 Hosted by Team Esface CEO, Oladele Sobomehin, this session was led by Revolution`s Director of Athletic Development, John Murray. Key topics addressed were an explanation of the RAISE tests and the customized reports they all will receive on their child`s results, nutrition and hydration, the importance of sleep and recovery, time management, sports psychology and the positive impact that sound proactive strength and conditioning training can have on their kid`s basketball experience.

The seminar though brief touched on topics whose information was geared to educate parents on the myriad components that can positively impact the quality and safety of their and their kid`s Esface experience. At the conclusion of each seminar, parents were then escorted back to the gym where they could watch the conclusion of the testing.

This two hour RAISE basketball odyssey would be repeated six times over the two day period. Revolution, BAM and Team Esface merged their expertise to create a unique, positive and impactful event whose ultimate goal was to keep players happy and hooping.






BAM is the worldwide leader in athletic testing, providing the most vaild and reliable testing for athletes of every major sport, at every level. Our services are used by the NBA, Adidas, and major colleges such as UCLA, NC State, and Wake Forest.